A chimney is a vital part of a biomass boiler or wood stove installation. It provides the driving force to suck air through the appliance and the design must also be safe, especially where the chimney goes through walls, floors or the roof. This is especially the case in well insulated homes. 

Twin wall insulated chimney is a metal chimney system which has various components allowing the system to safely go through floors, walls, and roofs. There are components specifically designed for penetrating highly insulated materials which also maintain airtightness. 

Pumice chimney systems, installed in the right manner, do not require an airgap to combustible materials and so this makes going up through a well insulated house relatively easy. 

Our AirSmart controllers not only automatically control the burning rate of the stove, a door sensor can also open a vent to the room when you open the door of a stove to refuel. The alternative in a well sealed house would often be to have a permanently open vent to the room - which is the last thing you want having spent a lot of time, effort and money sealing it up. The AirSmart means that for most of the time the room can remain well sealed, and then when the door of the stove is opened there is a supply of fresh air to the room which can then flow up into the chimney.