Firepower NSBRC Stand in Swindon

We have a stand at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) in Swindon. This is a permanent exhibition centre focused on newbuild and renovation with over 250 exhibitors and information zones. They host shows and events throughout the year which are an opportunity to come and have a chat with us. 

The NSBRC website tells you about the opening times, how to find the centre, as well as a calendar of events.

Our stand is at location 50 and we show wood pellet boilers, heat pumps, efficient wood stoves and more. The categories below include some more information about the topics we cover, and tells you about next steps if you'd like to take things further.

Installation network map

In good hands

We have many years of experience in helping people to make renewable heating doable, backed up by an installer network that covers the UK, so you are in good hands

Wood heating

Wood heating

Heating with wood can be done in various ways, from wood pellet boilers, to boiler stoves, from log gasification boilers that go in an outbuilding, to wood stoves that go inside your home.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heat pumps move and then concentrate heat from outside your house to keep it warm.

Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems

It's perfectly possible to combine multiple heating and energy inputs, and to have renewable heating that runs your whole house, or acts as a top-up.


A chimney is in a sense the engine of a stove, so it's important to get it right. As homes become better insulated it's important that you run the chimney through the roof or wall in a safe way that also maintains airtightness.

Brands on display

Here are links to some of the brands we have on show.