Klover Ecompact 190 Wood Pellet Utility, Boiler Stove

The Ecompact 190 is a utility pellet boiler which has an output of 18.2kW to water and an efficiency of 92.3%. The connections for the plumbing are situated on top of the appliance making it easier to install. The flue outlet is interchangeable, you can connect to either the top or the rear by spinning the connection. The Ecompact's are fitted with the new quartz ignition element which lights six times quicker than the steel ignition element.

If you need further information about this stove, please call 0844 3320157.

Technical Data

  • Height: 1150mm
  • Width: 1120mm
  • Depth: 500mm
  • Nominal Heat Output: 18.2kW
  • Efficiency: 92.3%
  • Nominal Output to Water: 18.2kW


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