The name Klover is synonymous with engineering excellence and their stoves are known for their reliability and build quality. This family-run Italian firm use the utmost care and attention to detail in the manufacture of their stoves, which represent the widest range of MCS-accredited pellet stoves in the UK.

Because they are MCS-accredited our Klover wood pellet boilers are eligible for the government BUS (Boiler Upgrade Scheme) grant assuming your home meets the criteria. The grant is a £5000 payment, so not only can you shift to a fuel cheaper than LPG or oil, but a chunk of the upfront costs are paid.

Klover pellet boilers are supplied and installed through your local dealer. Please contact us to get in touch with your local Klover dealer.

The range includes stylish kitchen pellet boilers, in-room and utility pellet boilers, and dual log-and-pellet boilers. From the internal parts to the external finish, Klover never scrimp on specification, which really shines through. As well as being superbly built, Klover pellet stoves are totally automated, highly efficient, and offer an environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

Update: The Klover Smart 80 and Smart 120 boilers have currently been removed from the grant eligibility list whilst they are reviewed. For the moment they are not eligible for the BUS grant, but we hope that this situation will shortly be clarified.

Klover Air Wood Pellet Stoves

Pellet Air Stoves

The Air range brings stylish and attractive wood pellets stoves onto your living space. With high efficiency levels and autonomous operation these are a great addition to the Klover range.

Belvedere wood pellet boiler

Pellet In-Room Boilers

This sleek stylish pellet boiler comes with optional fans to circulate air around the room, with enough output to happily supply heating and hot water.

Wood Boilers

Wood Boilers

Klover manufacture a range of stunning wood burning boiler stoves for your home.

Smart 120 wood pellet cooker

Pellet Range Cookers

Smart wood pellet central heating cookers are a stunning addition to your kitchen. Available in modern or traditional styles, they also qualify for the BUS grant scheme.

Utility boilers

Pellet Utility Boilers

Designed for installation in a boiler room, garage, or outhouse these wood pellet utility boilers can heat the whole house and they also qualify for the government Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant.

Dual image

Log and Pellet Boilers

These boilers give you the best of both worlds; burn your own logs whenever you want but always have the fallback of automated wood pellet heating.