Style and function combine with Woodfire. Woodfire EcoDesign 2020 ready stoves really let you harness the power of wood to heat a whole house.
The Woodfire EcoDesign 2020 ready range represent the latest generation of wood-burning stoves. Designed to achieve low emissions and high efficiencies, they include free-standing models (CX) and a wide selection of insert stoves either with a boiler (Evo and RX) or without a boiler (RH). Both single-sided and double-sided options are available and they can have side-opening or vertically lifting doors. All the boiler models are capable of supplying domestic hot water and running a full central heating system. They can be connected into open-vented or pressurised systems, have direct air, and can link with existing boilers. The non-boiler models share the same build quality, controllability and impressive efficiency.
Woodfire Passiv


Woodfire CX freestanding boiler stoves


Woodfire EX insert boiler stoves


Woodfire RX inset boiler stoves


Woodfire RH Inset Stoves


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