Woodfire Passiv is Stove of the Year 2021

The Woodfire Passiv won the BuildIt Best stove of 2021 award! And I guess that shouldn't be much of a surprise as it's quite a stove: 

  • It's an Ecodesign Ready boiler stove.
  • Low particulate emissions.
  • Low heat to the room.
  • Over 85% efficient.
  • Suited to pressurised systems.
  • 100% direct air.
  • Built-in overheat safety. 
  • Easy to light and a pleasure to use.

Jamie, Shirley and Martin went up to the ceremony in London for the evening and picked up the award. The last message of the night was from Jamie and involved the bar, celebrating, and the company card! Luckily the next day saw them all up bright and early, making the most of seeing the sights (and there was even some money left in the account). 

The Passiv was up against stiff competition from friends in the industry, so to the finalists we'd like to say - well done!