Unique Edge

We seek out stunning and unique products which we identify as filling a niche in the market here in the UK. This is all intended to give you and us an edge when you are talking with your customer. 

The only RHI eligible, automated, central heating wood pellet cooker in the UK? That will be the Klover Smart 120 BT: specifically designed by Klover and ourselves for the UK market and winner of the prestigious Design Plus award. 

Do you work in Smoke Control Areas? Then we have an Opus which is 80% below the emissions limit for DEFRA Exemption, or a Fondis luxury up-and-down glass doored inset which required no modifications to sail through the DEFRA Exemption tests.

Does your customer want a 5kW stove but a big view of the flames? That will be the Opus Tempo 70, with (probably) the largest glass of any 5kW stove in the UK.

Or perhaps you have a customer who needs to heat a very large space, warehouse, factory, polytunnel or similar? Then that will be an Arikazan Dragon, comes on a platform pretty much ready to plug 'n play: just add water and a chimney (and a power supply)/ Wood pellet or log gasification. 

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