Fondis Ulys 1100 Inset Stove

The Fondis Ulys 1100 is a luxury letterbox inset stove designed to burn logs and logs only. The full glass door slides up and into the wall to open and the control are easy to use. With the Ulys 1100 you get a very wide view of the flames; the width of this stove is over 1100mm. Rated at 14kW at 78% efficiency, the Ulys 1100 could easily give out more heat than this if needed, or be burnt at a lower output

If you need further information about this stove, please phone 01237 473900

Technical Data

  • Height: 1294mm
  • Width: 1165mm
  • Depth: 676mm
  • Flue Diameter: 230mm
  • Fuel: Woodburning only
  • Nominal Heat Output: 14kW
  • Efficiency: 78%

Fondis Ulys 1100 Inset Stove Accessories

  • Plain metal frame
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