We hold a lot of stock in our warehouse to try to make sure that as often as possible that we have what our customers need. If we do not have it then we aim for as short ordering cycles as possible. Our warehouse features narrow aisles, made possible because of our Bendi forklift where the forks are on a single steered wheel, meaning that you can get a pallet off the racks whilst the main body of the fortlift is more or less parrallel to the racking.

Stock levels are managed by our in-house system called Octopus (because it does, well, pretty much everything). Over time Octopus learns about typical lead times, patterns of ordering. It knows how many open quotes we have out with our trade accounts and knows how many of these turn into orders for each account and do can also take account of this. This allows us to have a very lean ordering cycle - we can order in smaller batches more often.

None of that replaces the personal approach. We have experts in our team, each of which is responsible for their own brand. In terms of stock these are the "stock controllers". You do not get a special hat or badge, but its still important. Like our strong relationships with you, our trade customers, our relations with our suppliers is equally strong. That means that if you need a certain boiler for a job quicksharp that often our team can pick up the phone and talk to their contact, who they know by name, about doing us all a favour. 

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