Sourcing your biomass fuel

There is just over a month to go before, as a user of biomass fuels, you will have to buy from an approved company on the Biomass Suppliers List in order to remain eligible to receive Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grants.

Biomass Sustainability requirements come into force on 5th October 2015, meaning that biomass used in the RHI schemes will be required by law to meet the sustainability criteria.

As someone who benefits from the RHI (domestic AND non-domestic), you will be expected to keep evidence that you have purchased your fuel from an approved supplier.  There is a chance that Ofgem will audit your installation and records, and it may affect your payments if you cannot provide receipts as evidence.

If you have your own supply of wood (for example, you have a log gasification boiler), then you can apply to self-supply with the Biomass Suppliers List here.

For more information, there is a useful Q&A document that can be found here.

Alternatively, please email or call 0844 332 0157.