SIA Stove Industry Alliance

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) is the voice of the stove industry and as such represents a united voice and approach. The SIA promotes the advantages of using a modern wood stove or wood pellet appliance as you would expect, but much more than that.

The SIA has pushed for many in the industry to “early-adopt” EcoDesign a series of improvements to performance and testing standards only actually due to come into force in 2022. This has been very successful with a lot of stoves now EcoDesign-Ready, and many more to follow. This is a great leap forward: these stoves produce a tiny fraction of the emissions of an open fire and a lot less than older models.

The Stove Industry Alliance also monitors trends and can spot issues early on and then communicate them quickly to the relevant body, be that HETAS, BIES, DEFRA, etc. Effective oversight and quick response all helps.

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