RHI Tariff

We are glad to hear that there will be no reduction in the RHI tariff in this quarterly statement which means that the present set-up will not change before October 2018 at the earliest.

Many people have already benefited from the Renewable Heat Incentive and the grant continues at a level where it will usually pay for both the Klover wood pellet appliance and its installation, sometimes with a bit more on top.

Many of us are very committed to using an environmentally friendly heating solution but the RHI has made making such a change a very easy, and profitable, decision.

I have a Klover Smart 120 range in my kitchen, paid for by the RHI, and am very impressed with the simplicity of the heating system and the flexibility of the setup. I top up the pellets once a day but, apart from emptying the ash once a week and a clean around every few weeks, that's as far as the work goes. On the other hand our old stone Devon cottage is now lovely and warm and there's been an awful lot of lovely meals come out of that cooker! There's something about having a cosy kitchen and a cooker that is hot and ready to go all winter that I absolutely love.

Update - May 2022: The Boiler Upgrade Scheme has now replaced the RHI grant scheme. This is a £5000 upfront grant made to eligible installations.