Planet devices heat pump remote monitoring

Planet Devices make kits that let you connect to most brands of heat pump to give engineers remote monitoring and control.

The kit is just wired to the heat pump controller. You install an app, link the kit to the house’s wifi network, some lights on the box flash to indicate a link has been made, live data fires back to our Planet Devices portal which you can login to access. 

You can create multiple logins with various levels of access - for example a heating engineer might have full access, they might grant Firepower full access too, and then read-only access for anyone who would like to monitor and verify the performance, but who ideally shouldn't be changing settings.

Giving remote access to this information can reduce time spent on site visits, speed up issue resolution, and allows engineers to keep an eye on performance and improve it where needed.  

Once you have bought the kit there is then just a yearly subscription to give access to the portal. 

Planet Devices officially launches on March 25th - but you can pre-order your kit with us.  

Please check the make and model of heat pump you have against the compatibility list. This list will grow as more and more heat pumps are verified and tested.  

Model Price
Current Transformer Clamp £17.94 inc. VAT
Magnetic Antenna Extender £10.14 inc. VAT
PlanetData Modbus (RS-485) £179.95 inc. VAT
PlanetData Power Supply £23.94 inc. VAT
Voltmeter £47.94 inc. VAT
Yearly Subscription £54.38 inc. VAT
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