My house is on fire can you hear the alarm

Thursday 2nd May, 2019

Finally the climate change alarm, that has been rising in volume, is being heard.

The fantastic vote by the UK government last night to declare a climate and environmental emergency shows that the alarm being rung by schoolchildren and others across the country is starting to be heard.

I now hope that this is followed through on, but suspect that the alarm will need to carry on ringing a while yet, lets hope that the battery lasts.

Renewable heating systems like the low carbon biomass systems we supply, heat pumps, solar pv and thermal are all part of a combined, positive, approach to climate change mitigation.

I hope that in a wider context that the government use this momentum to do things like ending the billions given in subsidy to fossil fuel prospecting every year and ideally reallocating them to renewables, and imposing tax on aviation and shipping fuel.

There is something you can do right now. Take up the #wetwo challenge its actually really easy:

Will you take up the #wetwo challenge?

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