LK160 SmartBio

The versatility of the Klover pellet range of stoves and boilers means that they can be controlled by virtually anything that can provide a simple no-voltage switch contact.

It is well known throughout the industry that linking your pellet appliance to a thermal store is an efficient and cost effective way to control your heating system.

One of the keys to this system is allowing the pellet appliance to run at full power for maximum time and then shut down for a long period before starting up again.

The LK160 SmartBio is a differential temperature controller that allows you to do just that.  A simple programmer that simply has 3 PT1000 sensors (two for the store and one for the boiler), making install time extremely quick in comparison to setting up with 2 cylinder stats and a relay, and removes human error for setting up this old complicated wiring arrangement.

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