LK 551 HydroMix

LK 551 HydroMix is a mixing valve for water heating and heating systems. The mixing valve has a thermostatic element that regulates the supply of cold as well as hot water in order to achieve the desired ­temperature. The valve has an anti-scald function that shuts off the ­incoming hot water flow in case of failure of cold water supply.

The arrows on the valve body indicate the direction of the flow. C = incoming cold water, H = incoming hot water, M = outgoing warm water.
When it is fitted on top of boiler/storage tanks which have built-in water heaters then the valve should be installed with some space between the tank and the valve so that the function of the valve is not affected by heat radiation.
The valve knob sets the desired warm water temperature within a range of 35°C to 65°C. The ­protective cap stops unintentional changes of the temperature setting.

It has 22mm compression fittings.

If you need further information about this stove, please phone 01803 712143

Technical Data

  • Height: 106mm
  • Width: 85mm
  • Depth: 45mm


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