LK 160 SmartBio Controller

The LK 160 SmartBio is an electronic differential temperature controller for use with pellet boilers charging thermal stores.

The controller comes with 3 x 4 meter sensors, these measure the temperature in the top and bottom of the thermal store and in the pellet boiler itself.

When the top of the tank falls below its set temperature this triggers a relay inside the controller to turn the pellet boiler on.  Only when the bottom sensor has reached its target temperature will the pellet boiler turn off.  The use of two sensors in the tank make the boiler stay on for longer and also what's more important is that the boiler stays off for longer.  This stops any short cycling and increases the efficiency and lifespan of the boiler and its parts.

Technical Data

  • Height: 173mm
  • Width: 115mm
  • Depth: 47mm


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