We love to innovate and to adopt new techniques, technology and other improvements. We come up with solutions for common problems as well as problems at the cutting edge of our industry. We were some of the first to start connecting wood boilers to pressurised systems. This was common in the EU but at the time heating engineers would generally insist on an open vented system with a header tank. Often that header tank would just be a standard one that would melt if subjected to steam for a long time - so we sourced and stock high temp metal headers and we still do. 

Another example is our AirSmart system which is of our own devising: intended for use in airtight house an AirSmart opens a vent to the room when the stove door is opened. This stops your customer having to put a permanently open vent to the outside in their nice new house which they have spent a lot of time, effort and money on making airtight. AirSmart can come as a standalone unit or with a full stove control panel which also automatically controls the burn rate of the stove.

Another example are our Energystore thermal stores - these high spec tanks are designed by us. Why? Because all the other tanks around had a few things lacking. Energystores are for use with all renewables specifically and have specifically placed tappings suited for use with biomass boilers.

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