Information for biomass customers and RHI

In Spring 2015, it will be mandatory to obtain biomass fuel from an approved supplier for anyone who is claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive. Currently the directory can be found at -

This address may change closer to the time. Crucially though it is very important that receipts are kept as proof of purchase from an approved supplier, otherwise claimants risk loosing their RHI payments.

Any company who wishes to supply biomass fuel, or even certify as a 'Self-Supplier' ( grow your own timber to burn in your own biomass boiler only), then you will need to register your details here-

The timber will have to abide by strict criteria, primarily it must meet a lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target of 60 per cent GHG savings against the EU fossil fuel average.

Fuels that are covered are:

  • Pellets virgin

  • Pellets waste

  • Pellets waste virgin blend

  • Briquettes virgin

  • Briquettes waste

  • Briquettes waste virgin blend

  • Chip virgin naturally seasoned

  • Chip virgin force dried

  • Chip waste

  • Chip waste virgin blend

  • Firewood virgin naturally seasoned

  • Firewood virgin force dried

  • Firewood waste

  • Firewood waste virgin blend