Homely Controller

Homely is a heating controller that learns, and predicts the future - saving you time, money, and hassle. It may be small, but it does a lot! 

Homely is very quick to install and set up. Connect a couple of wires, then run through a few step-by-step instructions in the installer app. It links in with your heat pump controller, and has a thermostat which you place in a central room in you home. 

It can now control the temperature of the heat pump and see what effect that has in your house, and over a couple of weeks it will determine what the heat load of your house is, and what the perfect amount of heat is. It sets the weather compensation curves of the heat pump accordingly, meaning that the temperature of the water the heat pump is supplying will perfectly match how much heat your house needs. 

This keeps running costs down and makes for a quicker, smoother quicker installation because your installer is now free to do other tasks. 

It also uses local weather information to predict how much heat you will need ahead of time, and when it might be most efficient to make that heat. 

If you have a variable electricity tariff then you can also link the controller to the tariff information and it can then load up your house and hot water with extra heat at times when electricity is cheap. 

This all saves you money without you having to think about it. 

Your heating and hot water are controlled via the Homely app which, unlike most other heating controllers which are generally incomprehensible and tricky to use, is very intuitive, clear, and easy to use. 

Homely integrates seamlessly with Clivet heat pumps so we include a Homely within our default system designs.   


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