We are not newcomers to our industry. Firepower is run by John Nightingale and me, Sune Nightingale (John's son). John started out restoring cast iron woodburning stoves from the ground up in the early 80's. When I say from the ground up I mean welding cast iron, getting parts like grates cast up, fabricating parts including back boilers, casting new bricks, etc. By the end the stove would be as good as new and ready for another 100 years of operation. The stove would then get fitted by us complete with twin wall insulated chimney or insulated liner system. I used to help out in the workshop and fitting from around 14.

The house I grew up in was heated solely by wood. The house I live in now is heated solely by wood - logs and pellet. As is John's house. This gives us a rather different, and useful, perspective on the wood heating industry and stoves and boilers in general. We encourage our team to take the stoves and boilers we supply right to bits so that they understand how and why they are put together. We are not just "shifting boxes".

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