Heat Pump training

As part of a collaboration with Clivet UK we soon start to offer heatpumps to our dealer network. In preparation we ran a familiarisation training event with Andy and Gav from Clivet UK, two great local renewable heating dealers, a local electrician, and members of our team.

In this initial phase we have installed a test Airsource heat pump at our warehouse for training and I am swapping the heating in my house over to Airsource you have to know, understand and live with the systems what you supply. Andy ran through some of the theory with us and then, as usual, the best bit is the chance to get hands-on, take it to bits, play with the configuration and settings.

Adopting EU Ecodesign legislation which limits particulate emissions for the biomass appliances we supply a year ahead of schedule, then working to further reduce those levels, adding in heat pumps, and heat pump assisted MVHR units is all part of our plan for further improvement.

- Sune Nightingale