Hearth & Homes Exhibition 2016

We will be bringing a wide range of innovative stoves and lots of ideas to help you develop your showroom to its full potential.

We will be displaying Fondis, the market leader in insert stoves, and demonstrating the new 'Design and Build Feature Wall' concept to enable dealers to bring inserts to a new audience, provide a much more ambitious solution to their customers, and to ultimately add value to every project.

Also on show will be both dry and boiler models from Woodfire, including the latest free-standing boiler model, the Passiv, designed for today's highly insulated airtight houses. Take a good close look at their ground-breaking boiler technology, as well as their superb double sided stoves.

The Walltherm, the most efficient woodburning stove in the world, will be there, setting the standard for build quality and efficiency, as well as an Energy Store, cut in half to demonstrate why it beats all other thermal stores in the efficiency of its heat storage and retrieval. 

For the first time ever Firepower will introduce the new Opus wood burning range. These combine both sophisticated design features and high precision manufacturing and range from elegant Scandinavian style models to the latest in contemporary box stoves and inserts.

We will have four different pellet burning models on show. Burning live will be the Lundy from Island pellet stoves. This is specifically designed for the British customer, with its beautiful flame pattern, whisper quiet operation and traditional shape all combining to make it an easy entry point into the pellet market for any stove shop. The ever-popular Klover Traditional Smart 120 central heating pellet cooker will be flanked by the latest Diva utility boiler and the Star 14. There will also be the new woodburning cooker from Klover, the Vesta. 

Come and have a chat and get a look into the future of woodburning.