Fondis are a meticulous manufacturer of top of the range inset stoves for those wanting the best. We are proud to work with Fondis as their sole UK importer.
Fondis have a long-standing reputation for making high-end insert stoves. In fact it was Fondis that invented the term 'cassette' to describe an insert stove with a convection chamber around it. Doors that slide up into the wall to open; Visioceram® glass that reflects around 30% of the heat back into the firebox, making it inherently resistant to tarring; cunningly designed firechambers with multiple air supplies and different types of firebrick used to make the best use of their different thermal properties; the ability to duct hot air to other rooms; and an increasing number of models available with the Fondis 'Zero CO' catalyst system that reduces emissions and increases efficiency. All models can also come with optional standard frames (160mm deep) or the Ulys and Stella 2 models can have an optional narrow frame (100mm deep and only suitable where Thermalux boards are being used) which brings the window of the stove closer to the face of the wall.... Fondis stoves have got it all.
Stella 3

Stella 3

Fondis Ulys inset stoves


Fondis V Series


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