ErP Directive

ErP Directive - Biomass and gas or liquid fuels derived from biomass are excluded from these regulations until 2018.

It includes two regulations:

  1. Ecodesign; this covers water heaters with a rated output equal or below 400kW and storage tanks with a storage volume up to 2,000 litres

  2. Energy labelling; the limit values for this are 70kW and 500 litres

Items that are to be included as of 26 September 2015 include 

  • Water heaters using fossil fuels

  • Electric water heaters

  • Heat pump water heaters

  • Heat pump water heaters with fuel driven combustion unit

  • Storage water heaters

  • Hot water storage tanks

  • Solar water heaters

Manufacturers will have to display product fiche on all the above items

Installers are required to complete an energy efficiency fiche (see article image for fiche) and carry out a system calculation if the installation falls within one of the two defined packages:

  • A space heater plus a temperature control device and/or a solar device, or,

  • A water heat and a solar device

It should be noted that conventional cylinders and radiators are not included, additionally circulating pumps are individually rated.

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