Direct air controller

The Direct air controller is a very neat bit of kit, achieving many things all in one go. There are three temperature probes one fitted either in the top of the boiler or to the flow very close to the boiler, then one to the top and one to the bottom of the thermal store.

Attached to the unit is an electronically controlled air damper. This controls the incoming air to the boiler based on a set target temperature for the thermal store. As the thermal store approaches the desired temperature the damper starts to close and visa versa. This gives you very precise thermostatic control of the boiler temperature and, when used on a boiler stove with 100% external air intake, will totally control the boiler unlike many of the mechanical types of control which tend to only control the primary air.

The display panel gives a visual reading of the thermal store temperature top and bottom. Installed unobtrusively near the stove this lets the user know whether the store is not yet hot meaning that they should load the stove again, or whether it is up to temperature.

The unit will switch on the load unit pump when the boiler temperature is above a set temperature and/or when the boiler temperature exceeds the thermal store temperature - so you do not need a flue thermostat.

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Direct air controller Accessories

  • PT1000 2 core cable
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