Design services

Flue Design

Want us to design a chimney system for your job? No problem. Its vital that the chimney is safe and works as intended.

Heating System Design

We have many typical layout schematics which are available to our trade accounts but we will also work with you on bespoke systems.

Heat Load Calcs

The bread 'n butter for heating systems: calculating the peak heat load for a building is the best starting point. We do heat load calcs for customers interested in our products every day - after all we want the appliance to be correctly sized just as much as they do, plus it means that when we put them in touch with their nearest dealer that some of the work is already done.

Thermal Store Sizing

With some information about how the owners plan to use their house and system we can suggest the right size of thermal store for them. We can also help with adding in bespoke tappings and alterations to the store if required.