Clivet Edge Evo Heat Pumps

Clivet Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps extract free heat from the outside air and use it to warm your home and provide the domestic hot water. They use a small amount of electricity to give a large amount of warmth, so reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. A good heat pump will be able to do this even if the outside air temperature was to drop as low as -20°.

Heat pumps provide a consistent, comfortable living temperature, reduce heating bills and lower carbon emissions. If the electricity comes from a renewables only provider then you are helping the next generation even more by leaving fossil fuels behind completely.

We looked at the various heat pumps that are available and chose Clivet because they offered that combination of high efficiency, great build quality and good value for money. They are a long established company who were one of the pioneers in air conditioning and heat pump design.

Clivet's latest range of domestic air source heat pumps, the Edge Evo models, go from the single fan 5kW Edge Evo 21 up to the 16kW twin fan Edge Evo 81, with higher output, 3-phase models available too if needed.

Clivet Edge Evo heat pumps offer:

Model Height Width Depth
Edge Evo 21 945mm 1210mm 402mm
Edge Evo 31 945mm 1210mm 402mm
Edge Evo 41 945mm 1210mm 402mm
Edge Evo 61 1414mm 1404mm 405mm
Edge Evo 71 1414mm 1404mm 405mm
Edge Evo 81 1414mm 1404mm 405mm
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