EnergyStore Bio Prime

The EnergyStore Bio Prime is a high spec tank with excellent insulation and has been designed for use as a buffer or bulk heat storage tank. This type of tank is well suited to wood pellet, gasification, or woodchip boilers.

You shouldn't under estimate this tank, it still has lots of advantages over other standard tanks with its high insulation properties and plenty of tappings to incorporate multiple heat sources.

The high insulation values mean that you lose less of that heat which you have worked so hard to produce.

Each tank has tappings positioned to allow you to connect your biomass boiler with extra tappings in commonly used places for biomass boilers to give flexibility. There are also tappings for conventional boilers and of course several to provide heat to the heating system.

The tappings are flush with the surface of the tank which means that it is an easy job to connect up, less parts are needed, and less time taken.

There are several dry probe pockets for the temperature probes of controllers and for temperature gauges.

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