Arikazan Ventum Log Gasification Boilers

Ventum log gasification boilers come in a range of sizes from 20 to 100kW. Built to last and designed to burn these Ventums have a number of other advantages. A key advantage is the way in which the fan works because it sucks on the appliance as opposed to blowing into the gasification vent. That means that when you open the door to refuel that smoke is far less likely to leak out into the boiler room.

All models qualify for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant which provides an upfront grant of £5000 for projects that meet the scheme criteria.

Model Efficiency Nominal_heat_output Height Width Depth Weight Max_log_length Fuel
Ventum VG 100kW Log Gasification Boiler 91.3% 100kW 1715mm 700mm 1805mm 910kg 1000mm Wood
Ventum VG 20kW Log Gasification Boiler 90.1% 20kW 1165mm 650mm 1060mm 385kg 500mm Wood
Ventum VG 30kW Log Gasification Boiler 90.4% 30kW 1315mm 650mm 1060mm 425kg 500mm Wood
Ventum VG 40kW Log Gasification Boiler 91.2% 40kW 1415mm 650mm 1060mm 450kg 500mm Wood
Ventum VG 60kW Log Gasification Boiler 91.7% 60kW 1465mm 650mm 1360mm 600kg 700mm Wood
Ventum VG 80kW Log Gasification Boiler 91.5% 80kW 1715mm 700mm 1635mm 810kg 1000mm Wood
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