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AirSmart Stand-alone fresh air stove controller

The AirSmart Stand-alone fresh air stove controller provides fresh air to the room whenever you open the door of your stove. Without this, even if a stove has a direct air duct, you often have to install a permanently open vent to the outside to cope with the high flow of air from the room, through the stove and up the chimney whenever you open the door. A door sensor is fitted to the stove and wired to the controller. If it senses that the stove door has been opened then the controller opens a fresh air damper. The fresh air damper has a silicone seal so that when it is closed it is also airtight. An additional safety feature we added was that in the event of a powercut the controller will open the fresh air damper before it shuts down.

If your stove has a direct air duct, and the duct if of sufficient size, then the fresh air damper can be teed off from the duct, ideally close to where the duct penetrates the wall to minimise air resistance, and air from the damper allowed free passage into the room. Or the fresh air damper may be fitted to its own duct or pipe to the outside where the air can be allowed to freely enter the room.

AirSmart is especially useful in modern, well sealed buildings where having a permanently open vent to the outside is counter to the whole concept of such a building.

Model Diameter
AirSmart 100mm100mm
AirSmart 125mm120mm
AirSmart 150mm150mm
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