AirSmart boiler stove controller

Our AirSmart boiler stove controller makes it easy to manage a boiler stove, its integration to the wider heating system and the fresh air supply to the room.

The control panel gives a visual readout of the boiler stove temperature, the thermal store temperature (or the temperature in the heating system if you do not have a thermal store), and it also tells you if the heating pumps are running and how turned up, or down, the boiler stove is. When you commission the heating system you access various settings via the admin section of the controller and you can set things like the maximum temperature for the boiler stove and what to do in the event of a powercut which would usually be to shut down the air supply to the stove and open the fresh air supply to the room.

The controller will switch on the load unit pump if the boiler stove is hotter than the thermal store or heating system, meaning you do not need a flue thermostat. It can also allow the heating system pumps to come on only once the thermal store has reached a set minimum temperature. There are frost settings and other useful functions bundled up too.

The controller acts on the stove via an electronic damper unit fitted inline to the direct air duct of the boiler stove. Therefore you need to have a stove with a complete or near-complete direct air supply in order to make use of the controller. Woodfire boiler stoves are all suitable of course. As the boiler stove approaches the maximum temperature the controller will gradually shut down the air supply to it and vice versa: as the temperature drops the controller will open up the supply again.

If using the AirSmart capability of the controller then a wired door sensor is fitted to the stove an an extra fresh air damper, with a silicone seal, is opened whenever the door of the stove is opened. This supplies the extra air needed to the room when the door is open because of course the flow up the chimney massively increases. This is especially useful in well-sealed houses because the stove should now pass the HETAS risk assessment which might otherwise have resulted in having to fit a permanently open vent to the outside, or in the stove not being able to be commissioned. The fresh air damper can be fitted to its own separate pipe or duct to the outside, or teed off the direct air duct (close to the wall penetration to reduce air resistance). Consideration should be given to the size of the direct air duct if this is done and upsizing is usually required. A relay also allows for MVHR units to be switched off if the door of the stove is opened. In the event of a powercut the controller can, and should, be set to open the fresh air damper.

Model Diameter
airSmart Boiler Stove / MVHR Controller 100mm 100mm
airSmart Boiler Stove / MVHR Controller 125mm 120mm
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