Additions to the Woodfire Technical range

The range of Woodfire Technical stoves and boiler stoves range from heat outputs of 3kW to 40kW, this means that they are suitable for most domestic properties what ever the heat load requirement is.

Three new additions have now been added to this family offering greater choice still.

The CXT 12 offers a different look to the standard CX 12 free standing boiler stove, whilst offering the same excellent boiler performance at 82% efficiency and it's direct air feeding the primary, secondary and tertiary combustion air (Nominal outputs; 9kW to water, 1.8kW to room)

The RX 12  inset boiler stove has been introduced specifically for the well insulated property offering low heat output to room, high output to water, yet with the same size door as the bigger RX 20.  These are highly controllable boiler stoves, with a direct air connection for 100% of the combustion air.  When installed with the System Controller it provides the user with a heating system fit for all central heating and hot water demands (Nominal outputs; 9kW to water, 3kW to room)

The RH Panorama Ultra XL is an impressively sized room heating stove, with a almost all glass door that is 1,760mm in width and 565mm in height, this stove makes an excellent centre piece to the larger room. With high efficencies over 80% and its primary, secondary and tertiary direct air this stove provides excellent control, allowing you to run it at 21kW, but also right down to 5kW with a clean flame.
The RH Panorama Ultra XL really is one of the heavy weights of the stove world, weighing in at just over 550kg.

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