20th September Climate Strike

On September 20th people from across the world will attend climate strikes.

These are normal people from all walks of life.

This time adults will be supporting the children who so far seem to be the ones leading the way.

It sends an important message to governments that these issues are imperative. The science is clear and has been for many years. The cost of doing nothing is far higher than the cost of doing something. In fact there are many opportunities that present themselves within the changes we have to make and of course many of the changes will also result in a nicer environment to live in and so increase general wellbeing.

At team get-togethers we always have a group brainstorming session. This time it centred around how we could make further improvements to our impact on climate and environment. We already supply low CO2, renewable heating via our network but there is always room for improvement and several ideas are developing .

One of the immediate things was to let the whole team know that we support them if they want to go on the September 20th climate strike.

We are joined in this by a growing list of businesses and organisations who also see the importance of these issues. I'd encourage any business owners reading this to think about letting their teams know that its okay to attend.