RX Double-Sided (DS)

With large viewing windows, the RX double-sided (DS) inserts will look striking in any home. Built into a partition wall, not only will they warm two spaces but they will also create abundant hot water and heat the whole house. All the RX DS models have opening doors on both sides and operate with the same high controllability and efficiency as the rest of the Woodfire Technical range.

If you need further information about this stove, please phone 01803 712721

Model Door HeightDoor WidthEfficiencyNominal Heat OutputMin Heat OutputNominal Output to WaterNominal Output to RoomHeightWidthDepthWeightMax Log LengthFuel
Woodfire RX 30 DS510mm760mm80%30kW6kW18kW12kW960mm800mm595mm253kg400mmWood
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