Our innovative renewable heating products mean you can design and create a stunning feature, integrated into your client's home, a feature which also happens to heat their home exceptionally well.
Klover wood pellet stoves and boilers


Firepower are the UK importer for Klover; an innovative and responsive manufacturer based in Northern Italy. They produce wood pellet cooker boilers, wood pellet stoves and boilers.



Fondis are a meticulous manufacturer of top of the range inset stoves for those wanting the best. We are proud to work with Fondis are are their sole UK importer.

Woodfire Technical Range of woodburning stoves


Style and function combine with Woodfire. Woodfire stoves really let you harness the power of wood to heat a whole house.

Opus stoves


Opus are a range of elegant wood stoves following two design formats: the Scandinavian, tall and cylindrical, and the UK linear square.

Carbel Stoves


Spanish stoves with distinctiveness, flair and passion.

Arikazan biomass boilers


Arikazan log gasification, pellet boilers and warehouse heating platforms take us from the world of large domestic right up to commercial wood heating.

Scandfire Opus Tempo 70


Thermal stores

Thermal Stores

We supply top of the range thermal stores which are the ideal companion to renewable energy systems. Renewable energy tends to come in chunks and a thermal store lets you store that up for later.

Heating Accessories

Heating accessories

From boiler stove control panels to valves and other gizmos. We stock and supply the specialist parts you need to complete the heating system.

Flue and Chimney

Flue & chimney

Every stove or biomass boiler needs a chimney, it is the engine that drives it. We design, stock and supply twin wall and single skin chimney, flex liner and all the extras.

Thermalux installation sheets

Thermalux sheets

Thermalux are highly heat resistant sheets that can be easily worked with standard tools and then glues, screwed and plastered to quickly and safely install inset stoves.



A SmartLift lets you move large and valuable appliances like the Klover Smart 120 with ease and safety.

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