Klover Dea Pellet Burning

A compact stove that will fit neatly into almost any space, the Dea is capable of giving out 7.2kW of heat and is ideal for medium-sized rooms. Since the Dea isn't a boiler stove, it doesn't need to be connected to your heating and hot water system, making it simple and quick to install. The Dea is fully automated, so will light, regulate and turn itself off as programmed. It can also be controlled from an external room thermostat.

If you need further information about this stove, please phone 0844 3320157

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Technical Details

  • Height: 955mm
  • Width: 475mm
  • Depth: 550mm
  • Fuel: wood pellet
  • Nominal Heat Output: 7.2kW
  • Efficiency: 85.5%
  • Nominal Output to Room: 7.2kW


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